WMode causes Flash fullscreen mode not to work

Flash’s new fullscreen mode does not work when you set the wmode param in the embed code to transparent or opaque. Fullscreen mode will only work if wmode is not set by the embed. I saw the issue come up on a project, so I thought I’d point it out for others since it is not outlined in Adobe’s documentation.


  1. John Dowdell

    I haven’t gone back and checked docs, but “WMODE” tells the Player’s output to go to the browser’s rendering engine, and “fullscreen” tells the Player how to take over the entire monitor, doing away with the browser’s rendering entirely. One merges with the browser, the other kicks out the browser.

    What did you expect to happen when you combine these instructions, what do you think would be a more useful, more universal thing for the Player to do if people combine them again in the future…?

    (btw, behavior can definitely vary among browsers when WMODE or ExternalInterface is invoked.)

    (Matt said something about a popup blocker in some version of Firefox on some version of Windows, but I couldn’t reproduce with that.)

    tx, jd/adobe

  2. Kenny Bunch


    I actually wasn’t the one embedding the swf into the page, I got the report that Fullscreen wasn’t working on a project I’m involved with and they had no clue why. When I looked I noticed the WMODE, then I ran test to verify that was the issue.

    The reason that they put it in like that was, that while on the page, they actually had a DHTML overlay that could exist over the Flash element at times. To do so, the only way they could properly z-order it was to use the WMODE. When they popped up the player to fullscreen, they reasoned that only the Flash element would go fullscreen thinking that it was detaching itself from the browser.

    I didn’t know of the overlay they were doing or their setting of WMODE (though I realized the issue when I saw it), but it points out that even experienced developers may not realize that.

    Since I didn’t see it in the docs that you all have posted, for now I would say document it. For the future, if possible it would be nice if the swf recognized the wmode while in the browser rendering space and when it was set to go fullscreen it detached itself. In this case, the render space would be dynamic vs statically defined upfront.

    Thanks for the followup John!

  3. John Dowdell

    Got it, thanks for the background, Kenny. It sounds sort of unfair that they called you back after you delivered the job, considering that they could see it work untill they edited the WMODE argument.

    I did some quick searches in LiveDocs but wasn’t sure which page would be best… do you have a candidate page for this edit…?

    tx, jd

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