Project: Adult Swim AssyGrams

Right before Christmas 06 I got to create a quick and “interesting” e-card application for Adult Swim’s show Assy McGee. The app allows you to choose a type of recipient and a greeting, it then blends the choices together with related props, clothes, and message pieces into a single e-card for your loved ones to enjoy. The only external piece other than the Flash was a backend service that sent an email containing the html page the SWF was embeded on with query params that reflected a user’s selections. When your unexpecting recipient visited the url, the SWF was fed the params via FlashVars and they were fed an Assy greeting full of wisdom.

Now I have to point out that for those who aren’t comfortable with things that contain a lewd sense of humor to the tune of the South Park genre, the app is definitely not for you. If it’s any forewarning, the character the e-card is based on is a pair of legs and a backside. So with that said, for those who think they may get a good laugh, send your friends some Assy!.

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