Retrospective: FITC 2007 Toronto

I’m a little late posting my thoughts on FITC2007, but it’s probably better to post late than to never post at all. That said, the conference was only my second Flash related conference, the first being MAX 2003. I tend to be more drawn to scholastic style, theory based lectures, so FITC seemed to bridge a gap there. It let me pursue my usual interests as well as attend a conference devoted to the community that my work revolves around. I give it a thumbs up.The kicker for me was that I was presenting, after coming off a brutal schedule, that left no time to prepare how I wanted to. I ended up crashing for a little bit the first day when I got in, attending a few presentations the next day, then practicing the night before and the day of my presentation. You see, to be brutally honest, in the past public speaking was a major fear of mine. Everyone is bewildered by this given my personality, but it’s true. Practicing can sometimes be a way of becoming comfortable and confident, and in this case it helped. When I presented, I felt extremely comfortable and was able to get everything across how I wanted. The presentation was really well received, even to the point that someone mentioned it changed their perspective on media. That was my aim, and even if it’s not solving homelessness, I do think the message is important. I want to change entertainment so that it’s more accommodating, engaging, and less intrusive to our lives. To that note, the reason I’ve made myself present over the years is based on constantly trying to push beyond my bounds and the bounds around me. You have to do that if you want to be more than you are or change the things around you. It comes a lot easier now, but I’m always honored and humbled when given the chance to let others hear what I have to say. Without that I can only effect myself. Thanks Shawn, Naomi, and their crew for giving me that privilege.Given that I was pretty wrapped up in preparing, I didn’t get to attend everything I wanted. However I did manage to catch John Grden’s, North Kingdom’s, and Maeda’s presentations. All of them were quite brilliant in their own way. Though with my scholastic affinities, Maeda’s stuck with me the most. He did a wonderful job of stepping back and looking at how digital elements effect our lives and how those same elements can reflect life. His commentaries were quite poetic and profound.Overall, I had a good time at the conference. My highlights were giving my friend’s Stacey and Mathew a hard time, chilling with my friend Lawrence, getting reactions from my presentation, and just reflecting on things with my boy Eric. Conferences really provide a medium for those types of interactions, and it’s what I value from them the most. Needless to say, I’m happy I decided to go.

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  1. mray

    Heyhey Kenny, thanks for the link! Was a great time up in TO – both your and Stacey’s presentations rawked.

    As is often the case, I found some of the most inspirational thinking coming from an unexpected source – Evan Roth’s Grafitti 9 to 5 session. Lots of great thinking there…no shortage of amazing ideas.

    Definitely think there’s value, probably as much in the side conversations as much as the sessions. (Will hopefully be bustin out notes and reactions on the blog shortly to make up for the posting drought.)

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