51 days in Kazakhstan

As the title reads, I recently spent 51 days in Kazakhstan. I was not there on business, but by choice. Having traveled to a lot of places, but traveled no where, I’ll make a statement. At the root of all things, everything is the same. I would say this for all places and people in various walks of life. What I mean by this, is that at the core we all share the same dreams, fears, passions, anxieties, and experience the same things as we pass through our lives. Fear and misunderstanding can make people perceive differences, but they really don’t exist.

I’ve always felt this way, but experiences like the one in Kazakhstan are great reinforcers. While I was there, I met wonderful people who will forever be in my heart. The funny thing is that even though I saw some of these people everyday for 4 weeks, our communication was limited mostly to gestures, single words, or referring to books. Yes, the entire time I was there I had no interpreter. You might think that’s somewhat crazy, but it was also very enlightening. Everything can be seen in demeanors, expressions, and emotions. Don’t believe me, just sit outside in a large city, and watch everyone around you as they move through their life.

That said, it was a beneficial experience, but a hard one. Being unable to really fully communicate and share feelings with those around you can be very isolating. It can also take a toll when you are trying to accomplish simple things, like looking for things to eat (especially when grocery stores don’t exist). Needless to say, I have been back for almost 2 months, eating like crazy, and am still 18 pounds less than my weight when I left. Anyone who knows me will tell you I didn’t have the weight to lose. I’ve also been sick for about 4 weeks straight. Sound bad. I won’t lie, it’s been rough, but I’m finally feeling like I’m on the road to recovery. I also wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So, what does my road look like now? Well considering the past 4 months have been a wild ride and the prior year was one of uncertainty (I had no idea when I’d have to go, since you have to have an invitation to Kaz), it looks pretty good. With the dream of Kaz in the bag, it’s time to start making the others happen. Here’s to looking and moving ahead.

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