FDT linked libraries vs changing the FDT core lib

To follow up on my previous post about defining core libraries with FDT, I have found it better to add individual linked libraries on a project basis that changing the existing core lib to include multiple libs. Part of the reasoning here is that if you have a ton of projects with Flash Nature assigned to them, when you reassign the core lib, all of the projects have to rebind/rebuild based on the new lib. Eclipse is not a happy camper with this and will eventually choke up on you. By assigning linked libs on a per project basis, the bind only happens for that project at that time. AKA, your machine does it freeze and wave its digital fist at you.

To add a linked library for a project
1. Right click the project in the Explorer pane of Eclipse
2. Click the FDT Source Folder
3. Click Add Linked Libraries
4. Add away and get a sandwich from Healthy CA

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