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Bear on a Wire (previously Poor Bear) IPhone game released

Bear on a Wire Trailer from bearzo on Vimeo.

The Game

Our first IPhone game, previously code named Poor Bear is officially available in the app store today under the name Bear on a Wire. For those of you who followed the progression of the game on our site (1, 2, 3, 4) know that this game didn’t start with designs, requirements, deadlines, or the promise of gold bars. Instead it was built on the premise that we could make something fun that we molded just how we wanted it. That mold shifted and turned over time. Even at the starting gate, we didn’t even know what type of game we were making. The game really grew organically and took on a life of its own. I’m personally blown away with the outcome, especially considering this was Chad’s (the developer) first game and he went into it not knowing Objective C. The design is a work of art as well. However, for those of you know Trevor (the designer), know that you could expect nothing less. Words can’t do justice to what 1 designer and 1 developer have done with this game. It is simply amazing and even though it is our own game, none of us can stop playing. That was the point though. We built something we loved. We hope you will too!

Support Us

We appreciate any support you can give us. For those with an IPhone grab the game now, rate it, and review it!

For those wanting to get the word out. Here are some links to blog, twitter, AIM, tell someone on a subway, etc. We will have flyers too that you can print and post on bathroom walls, telephone polls, and anywhere in eyes view.


Press Release

Dreamsocket & TVM Studio are excited to announce they have just released Bear On A Wire.


Apple app store link:

About the game:
Our green hero, Bearzo, has had it! No more performing for “THE MAN” day in and day out. What! Do you think he is some kind of dancing bear? NO… he is a high wire bear, and it’s time for him to make his great escape from the Big Top. He loves his fans and his work, but he just wants to be free and feel his scarf blow in the wind as he shreds wire with the most insane moves ever attempted … on a Moped… on top of high voltage power lines. Get ready to feel the power of the 49cc, two stroke, and single cylinder stallion!

As you tear off on the wire, try to balance Bearzo and keep him from fallingdown into the 1.21 gigawatts that alternate through the wires below him (Ah, the smell of burnt bear hair). While balancing on the wire, acquire crazy mad points by using the different stunt key combinations to generate some MOPED MAYHEM ( Bearzo’s stunts include no hands, half twist, full twist, bear buck, back roll, front roll, jump roll, grinder, spin roll, spin buck, spin buck grinder, coat tail, coat tail kick, and the next to impossible coat tail kick spin grinder. Combine these stunts with full flips, double flips… triple flips…? Now you are just being crazy! Collect coins and rack up even more points. I know…you never saw collectable coins coming. Don’t get caught hibernating b/c it’s about to get all GRIZZLY up in here!

Get pumped for BEAR ON A WIRE.

Project: Adult Swim AssyGrams

Right before Christmas 06 I got to create a quick and “interesting” e-card application for Adult Swim’s show Assy McGee. The app allows you to choose a type of recipient and a greeting, it then blends the choices together with related props, clothes, and message pieces into a single e-card for your loved ones to enjoy. The only external piece other than the Flash was a backend service that sent an email containing the html page the SWF was embeded on with query params that reflected a user’s selections. When your unexpecting recipient visited the url, the SWF was fed the params via FlashVars and they were fed an Assy greeting full of wisdom.

Now I have to point out that for those who aren’t comfortable with things that contain a lewd sense of humor to the tune of the South Park genre, the app is definitely not for you. If it’s any forewarning, the character the e-card is based on is a pair of legs and a backside. So with that said, for those who think they may get a good laugh, send your friends some Assy!.

Dreamsocket chosen to develop gaming console application for Cartoon Network

Dreamsocket (my personal company) was chosen to develop a game console application for Cartoon Network in partnership with Sony, Dreamworks/PDI, Microsoft Entertainment, Dualstar Entertainment, GA Tech, The Barbarian Group, and Beyond Z. In preparation, I will be flying out to Hollywood tonight with Cartoon Network’s Art Director for introduction meetings and will be there until Friday. I’m pretty excited given the context of the project and the people involved.

AS3: Visualizing Video

In an attempt to start using AS3 and Flexbuilder, I created a simple module (based in part on Brendan Dawes “Cinema Redux” processing experiment), that visualizes a movie by taking snapshots of frames on a supplied sample rate. It uses those snapshots to create a visual mosaic image, which allows you to see the use of light, color, and transition throughout the movie.
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