SEO Techniques for Flash

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the tailoring of web based content so that search engines like Google can traverse it and index it more efficiently. Flash content on the web has typically been difficult to index. However, if you understand the underlying methodologies of SEO indexing, you can understand how to index your Flash content.

Whether you are indexing just a site or a specific application, SEO is important because it let’s people find your content. At Dreamsocket, we have advised clients with some of the highest trafficked Flash content in the world on how to accomplish this. And though we found write ups on specific techniques, we figured that a more comprehensive break down of the subject and techniques was needed. To address this, we have published an article and example files on our site that break down different techniques that we have used or seen over the years. In the article we compare and contrast the techniques by showing their benefits and drawbacks, as well as how to accomplish them.

Check and comment on the article when you get a chance. The more information on this subject the better!

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